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This attunement package contains 5 powerful energies for working with abundance!

The package contains the following attunements:

Orange Circle from Archangel Jophiel: This energy is connected to the Sacral chakra and it can help clean this chakra, open you up for abundance, grounding, creativity, and connection to Mother Earth! It also helps in solving issues with sexuality and fertility. Apply this warm “plate of abundance” that spins in the same motion as your chakra naturally does, cleanse your Sacral chakra, and receive everything that is necessary at the moment!

Orange Ray of Lanto: This energy is for abundance, sexuality, and everything connected to the sacral chakra. It cleanses and purifies the sacral chakra. It helps you to work in perfect moderation and peace and to be in alignment with the other chakras.

Archangel Sachiel: Angel of Abundance! Means “the covering of God”. Great to invoke for matters involving money, finance, law, politics, and religion.

Orange Spring from Lanto: Orange Spring from Lanto is the energy that works like an ethereal fountain. It moves like a water stream and it is connected to the sacral chakra. First, it is there to cleanse your sacral chakra, so you can further boost your creativity, sexuality, inner talents, and, abundance. The exercise with this energy is very simple. You can put hands on the sacral chakra with the intention of cleansing anything unbeneficial. Imagine the stream of water that is cleansing your sacral chakra from stagnant energy. It cleanses the chakra so it can function properly with the potential of developing everything mentioned above.

Earth Coin: The color of the energy goes from deep brown to a white radiant color. t’s a very light energy that works with the root chakra. It connects us to the material world of the Earth. It’s not the frequency of money, but of the meaning of what money actually should initially be. It helps to work with material and earthly things. Earth Coin is a spiritual energy, not just for “I want to get money”. It’s for raising the energy of the overall abundance!

Works in perfect conjunction with Abundantia’s Abundance Attunement Package and Hindu God Ganesha!

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Abundance Attunement Package

SKU: 315
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