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Green light of Lady Nada. Deep emerald color. Permeates and penetrates the heart chakra, like a laser beam, dissolving any negativity on its way.

Cloak of Lady Portia. When you want to feel protected, put the white Cloak of Lady Portia on your back. Excellent for dissolving tension in the shoulders and back. Helps to release the burdens we are carrying from everyday life. Shields against negativity. Perfect to end any healing session with the Cloak of Lady Portia. The cloak can be given to others.

Golden Sphere of Solar Angels. From the Sun. A golden white sphere for the third eye. It acts as a lamp, guiding us along our path. It removes blocks and dissolves self-doubt. Creating a sphere: have an intention of making a sphere in your cupped hands. Hold it for 5 minutes and then place the sphere on the third eye. The sphere can be given to others and lasts for 5-10 minutes.

Diamond of God Mercury (Hermes). It can be placed anywhere, but it’s especially connected to the Throat chakra. It dissolves negativity and “dark spots” in the body. Stays until negativity is dissolved. The Diamond can be given to others.

Flower of Aphrodite. A ruby red flower in the shape of a heart. It’s for gentleness, for opening the heart, to love and flourish. The Flower of Aphrodite can be given to others.

Crown of God Jupiter (Zeus). To be opened up to the divine, especially for people who want to channel, as it opens the crown chakra and it leads you to the divine power and the true Source. The Crown of Jupiter can be given to others.

The Arrow of Mother Earth. Will enhance the Kundalini energy flow and our connection to Mother Earth and it goes deeply from Mother Earth up through our root chakra, up through our chakras and out of the Crown chakra. Grounding. The Arrow of Mother Earth can be given to others.

7 Attunements, including manual and certificates!

7 Spiritual Gifts Attunements Package

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