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7 Gods of Luck Reiki

Founder: Gabriela Szafman

Levels 1

Includes the digital English e-manual sent electronically by link

Gabriela Szafman writes about her system:

“The Japanese shichi (seven) fuku (luck) jin (beings) have been a popular group of deities since the Edo period.
Pictures and sculptures of these gods are seen all over Japan, either alone or as a group, and often on their treasure ship (takara-bune).

The New Year begins for the Japanese, with the first visit to the nearest Shinto or Buddhist Temple. In this occasion people pray to send away 7 bad lucks and attract the Seven happiness and pray for the family and the world.
Previously, the only holiday weekend in Japan was the New Year.

Therefore, there were those who took advantage of this time to visit seven churches, beginning on the first day and
ending on day seven.

Thus began the tradition of Shichi FUKU JIN MEGURO or visit to the Seven Gods of Happiness, which even today is still
practiced in several regions.

There are historical records that were held in Kyoto in the first half of the 15th century, parades and the theme was the
Seven Gods of Happiness.

Also shown that even in Kyoto, the thieves who stole a business disguised as seven Gods of Happiness were awarded and received from its owner a gift for bringing good luck. In Edo, the seven gods were drawn in the 16th century.
They say it brings good luck putting to sleep under the pillow the design of the seven gods in the ship’s treasure.

7 Gods of Luck will attune you to the 7 Gods below and their attributes. “

You can work with all 7 at one time or chose to work with one or two.  Amazing and powerful energies.

The Seven Gods of Luck are:

  • Fukurokuju – God of happiness, wisdom, longevity, virility and fertility
  • Hotei  – God of happiness, satisfaction and abundance
  • Juroujin – God of longevity
  • Bishamonten – God of war and warriors
  • Ebisu – God of good fortune, commerce and honest work,
  • Benzaiten – Goddess of arts and knowledge
  • Daikokuten  – God of wealth and prosperity

7 Gods Of Luck Reiki

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