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Our beloved Mother Earth is so rich and full of abundance. Just take a look at the wonderful crystal world we explore.

There are 7 essences from 7 amazing crystals that work on 7 chakras. You can use them separately or as a complete system for balancing and healing your chakras. Let the energy flow and enjoy!


This attunement package contains:

  • Sugilite Essence: Sugilite Essence is connected to the crown chakra. It is great for channeling, inner inspiration, and clairvoyance. Furthermore, it helps you in the healing process and cleansing negativity. Also, it is recommended in treating headache problems. It is an excellent essence for spiritual work!
  • Tanzanite Essence: Tanzanite Essence is connected to the third eye. It is excellent to combine it together with the energy of Goddess Eir as a very unique, gentle, and safe way to open your third eye! The essence will help you to connect to higher realms and enhance clairvoyant abilities. Furthermore, it can help reduce stress and headaches so you can achieve calmness and boost the ability to see “beyond”.
  • Turquoise Essence: Turquoise Essence is connected to the throat chakra. It can help you purify and solve throat problems and boost the immune system. Also, it will help you feel more self-confident to speak out your personal truth and opinion. It enhances your communicative skills and encourages you to make your wishes come true, as well.
  • Green Aquamarine Essence: Green Aquamarine Essence is connected to the heart chakra. It is great for opening and cleansing the heart chakra, for self-healing, opening to Divine, so you are even more full of love, life force, and joy. Furthermore, it deals with emotional problems. It helps you forgive and let go of everything that is unbeneficial for your emotions.
  • Yellow Calcite Essence: Yellow Calcite essence is a soothing and transforming energy connected to solar plexus chakra. It can help you find inner strength, boost your vitality, and build self-confidence! Also, it increases your will power and helps your digestive tract work well. It has a nice calming effect on the body and mind.
  • Orange Selenite Essence: Orange Selenite Essence is connected to the sacral chakra. It is good for grounding and connecting to Mother Earth. The essence is great for creativity, boosts inner potentials, and promotes moving forward with self-confidence. It is also good for manifestations.
  • Ox Eye Essence: Ox Eye Essence is connected to the root chakra. It is excellent for grounding, abundance, and wealth! It promotes stability, security, and courage. Furthermore, it deals with our innate survival instincts, physical identity, and helps in healing lower parts of the body.


Include manuals and a beautiful certificate!

7 Crystal Essences Attunement Package

SKU: 378
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