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Receive 6 powerful attunements that connect you to the amazing Sigils (symbols) of the Archangels, to help you in your spiritual work!

Archangel Michael’s Sigil of Protection: You can draw it in your hands or on a piece of paper. It’s protective, soothing, warm and connected to Golden energy. It can help comfort us in challenging situations. It further helps clean and clears the mind, the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Archangel Raphael’s Sigil of Nature: It has a “green energy” and improves our connection to nature, Mother Earth and our natural balance with Earth. You can use it, especially if you meditate in nature, but also at home. You can draw it in your hands and use it as hands-on healing.

Archangel Zadkiel’s Sigil of Kundalini: This sigil emits purple energy. It’s connected to Kundalini and it serves to cleanse the Kundalini from negativity!

Archangel Sachiel’s Sigil of Rejuvenation: This sigil emits yellow energy. With its full spectrum light energy, it rejuvenates and brings healing to the body on a cellular level.

Archangel Gabriel’s Sigil of Transformation: This sigil emits silver-white energy. It beams its energy through the heart chakra, cleanses and transforms it from all negativity. Its energy is very soothing and light. The two circles represent layers of these two spectrums of white and silver light. The energy goes through the little hole.

Archangel Metatron’s Sigil of Inner Strength: This sigil helps to empower us and reveal our true inner strength!

6 Attunements, including a manual with hand-drawn sigils and a certificate!

6 Archangels’ Sigils Attunements Package

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