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This is a pure white arts offering with angels. Cannot be used to harm, mind control or evil purpose.


We will summon forth 50 angelic beings on your behalf over a 3 days long ritual and they will channel their divine white-angelic spiritual essence and powers into you to grant you Fame, Success, Advancement, Power, Life Energy and Vitality.

Your soul will radiate with divine powers, people will want to become your friends (or lovers depending on your desire), and seek to help you and aid you in your life.

Do you want a job promotion? The angels will gladly help you with advancement and success.

Do you want to obtain angelic powers? The angels will grant you a portion of their powers and you will be able to heal illnesses and diseases easily, astral project, see and hear angelic beings and protect others from harm.

Are you not feeling well? Perhaps you have a long lasting illness or disease? The angels can easily cure it, grant you further immunity against it and overall good health.

Are you feeling fatigued and tired? Do you want to feel yourself stronger and healthier? The angels will increase your life essence level, you will feel better, full of joy and happiness, have less need for sleep and rest and able to walk and run long distances easily.

50 Angel Magick Empowerment

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