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The ultimate space cleansing and purification package!

These 5 gifts from the Holy Spirit can help you bless, purify, and cleanse any space from negative entities and stagnant energies!

This package contains the following attunements:

● Light bomb from the Holy Spirit – A purifying super-strong instant flash of light!

● Holy Spirit Blessed Water – “Sprinkle” to purify and bless any space.

● Orb of Holy Spirit – It can be directed to “patrol” and protect a space for up to 12 hours.

● Holy Rain – Activate this gift for a soothing and purifying “Holy Rain” covering any area for up to 10 m in diameter.

● Dome of Holy Spirit – This gift will create a protective dome for any area. It protects a space up to 7 m  in diameter for up to 12 hours.


Founded by Ole Gabrielsen.

It can be used successfully in conjunction with a prayer to Archangel Michael!

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!

5 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Attunement Package

SKU: 379
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