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Archangel Uriel’s Flower of Spiritual Abundance. Infuse this energy into a real plant and have it in your home. It will protect your home and bring “spiritual abundance”. It will attract “good vibes” from the spiritual world, in the form of angels, Archangels, spiritual helpers, Reiki guides, etc. You can infuse water with this energy and water the flower with it daily.

Archangel Michael’s Sword. A combination of the colors red, orange and yellow. It’s used for cutting off etheric threads to negative entities, fallen spirits, dead people who did not ascend into the light and ancestors that are not beneficial. It’s further excellent to use as protection during the night.

Use it for 10-20 minutes per day, with the intention to cut off any negative threads you might have. After a session, surround yourself with a bright blue color, like the sky, to form a “shield of protection”.

Archangel Gabriel’s Wings. White, bright color with silver reflections. They provide protection to your etheric body. After using this energy, you will most likely feel it as a “spiritual hug”!

Including manuals and beautiful certificates!

3 Archangels Gifts Package

SKU: 344
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