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The Ten Mother Goddess Empowerment

The Ten Mother Goddess Empowerment

This initiation process cannot be sold on buy one get one, two, three…etc. sites, swap, sites, give away sites, or any other kind of arrangement other than by either direct sale or barter for an equal or greater amount.

Levels 1

Attunements: 10

Includes English digital e-manual sent electronically by link

Founder: Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa writes about his system:

“The process that made this possible included fasting, and doing puja for six hours per day for ten days straight. And, it included employing five Priests, and a temple to chant hundreds of thousands of mantras besides my own. Suffice it to say as well that this was not an inexpensive undertaking, and so the price set for this process is $500.00 USD is already very low for you.

Diksha means “Blessing”, and this blessing comes to you by being empowered by a Das Mahavidyas (Ten Mother Goddesses)

“…In many places, Kali is praised as the greatest of all Deities, or as the highest reality…The Yogini, Kamakhya-, and Niruttara-tantras all proclaim Kali the greatest of the Vidyas, divinity itself; indeed, they declare her to be the essential form (svarupa) of the Mahadevi. The Kamada-tantra states unequivocally that she is attributeless (the Void), neither male nor female, sinless, the imperishable saccidananda (being, consciousness, and bliss), Brahman itself. In the Mahanirvana-tantra, too, Kali is one of the most common epithets for the primordial Shakti. In one passage, Shiva praises Kali as “She who devours time, who alone remains after the dissolution of the universe, and who is the origin and destroyer of all things.” David Kinsley’s “The Ten Mahavidyas: Tantric Visions of the Divine Feminine”

Here is the shamanic tribal view of her: Before the beginning of the universe there was a purely spiritual entity in deep space known as the Original Mind (OM), and this entity created one thing: the Divine Feminine spirit known as Mahakali who then birthed all of the rest of Creation into existence. People often have a hard time understand so great a Goddess spirit as Mahakali so they studied her, and then divided her into ten clearly observable forms and energies, and then all other Goddesses and Gods were extrapolated out of these primary ten forms which are known as the Das Mahavidyas, or ten Great Mother Powers (Shakti), of the Goddess.

Each aspect of Mahakali has both yantras and mantras which reflect their energy. Looking at yantras and working with them, and chanting at least one-hundred and eight repetitions of a mantra, sets up an harmonic resonance in the body that mirrors the energy of that Goddess within you. In the empowerment we will deliver a bit of information about each of the ten Great Mother Goddesses, mantras included, and will also provide pictures of yantras and other representations of the Goddesses and tell you how to call in the initial energies and do the Diksha processes that will give you even more power every time that you do them.

Matangi Diksha:

Matangi is a form of Saraswati and is worshipped for the attainment of great powers of speech, the outward articulation of great knowledge, and all forms of the arts, music and dance, and she also brings great happiness in the families of her devotees. She is an excellent primary deity for students, teachers, speech givers, musicians, singers, dancers and other forms of performers as well as for writers, poets, designers and anyone else involved in an artistic field or public communication. Born into the lowest caste (the Chandal), she rebelled against that evil system, and she rose to great power becoming one of the great Vidyas bestowing tantric powers from where she resides in the throat chakra.

Tara Diksha:

Tara is one of the most benevolent of the ten divine Shakti forms of Goddess Mahakali.

Having obtained Tara Diksha a Sadhak never has to face any monetary problems or poverty in his life. He has sudden and unexpected monetary gains quite often. Not just this, there occurs a spurt of divine knowledge in him due to which he is able to look even into the past and future. Gaining Tara Diksha also makes a Sadhak make quick progress on the path that leads to the holy land of Siddhashram. This Diksha, and your continued devotion, sets up energies in the spirit world that will soon manifest great things in your life.

Kamala Diksha:

The Goddess of wealth is Kamala. She showers her motherly love on her Sadhaks and bestows upon them all pleasures and comforts of life. For those wishing for material comforts they must do the Kamala Sadhana or get Kamala Diksha, and then offer their devotion through honoring her with mantras and incense afterward and the exercising of a generous spirit. Kamala Mahavidya is capable of removing poverty from life and bestowing wealth and prosperity upon a Sadhak. Due to Her blessing one has all around success in business. One gets a job if one so desires and one even gets promotions in jobs. Experts in Tantra prefer Kamala Sadhana and Diksha because she is more powerful when it comes to banishing poverty.

This Diksha is the bestower of all worldly boons, for Goddess Kamala assimilates all the virtues and boons like fame, power, intelligence, health, victory and wealth. Getting Kamala Diksha means gaining all that life has to offer. But, to truly honor Kamala requires faith, and faith is best defined as action based upon belief. In this case the action required is generosity. Freely share what you have been given with others, and the Goddess Kamala will soon begin to shower her abundance upon you.

Baglamukhi Diksha:

If there is life there are bound to be obstacles, problems and enemies even though one might wish to lead a peaceful and contented existence. A human has to fight poverty, hunger, problems in business and at home. Even though one might be peaceful by nature, enmities crop up for no apparent reason. This can create fear and problems in life. What then is the way of becoming totally fearless and safe? This Goddess gives you power and dominance over your enemies, and there is a story about her catching and killing a demon by grabbing his lying tongue.

Remember, even tensions, worries, problems in life and diseases can be enemies which can rob one of one’s peace. Even poverty or lack of resources can be an enemy and make life hell. The best and most effective means of tackling all enemies of one’s life is Baglamukhi Diksha and Sadhana. It also gives safety from the effects of discarnate souls and evil spirits, and offers protection from cuts, scar damage, quick recovery from surgery and protection from harm in accidents. People who choose to devote themselves to Baglamukhi are encouraged to wear yellow clothing and jewelry.

Bhuvaneshwari Diksha:

Bhuvan means world and Bhuvaneshwari is the Mahavidya who rules this world (Cosmos). Her Beej Mantra is Hreem and she is worshipped even by Brahma. She assimilates both knowledge as well as power. The Third Eye of the Sadhak who successfully accomplishes her Sadhana gets activated on its own. Besides, he gains true knowledge and intelligence. He also comes to gain a razor sharp memory.

Bhuvaneshwari also blesses one with all comforts of life. She is the destroyer of poverty and the bestower of wealth, prosperity, pleasures and comforts. For riddance from poverty, gain of wealth and a happy married life the Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana is the best. Doing Diksha with her daily, and chanting her mantra, is the best guarantee for the long-term success of a relationship as she will show you how to continue the courtship of your partner even if you are already married. This will help to keep your relationship fresh and alive.

The voice of her Sadhak becomes powerful and blessed with the powers of Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom and learning. This is possible as she is the aspect of Mahakali that is the true form of the spirit known as the Divine Feminine who created all things after the Original Mind created Mahakali, and so is the one who birthed this universe into being.

Shodashi Tripura Sundari Diksha:

On obtaining this Diksha the three subtle channels of the Kundalini, namely Ida, Pingala and Shushumna that control the mind, brain and heart are activated. The three spiritual planes Bhu, Bhuvah and Swah have originated from the form of the Goddess, hence she is known as Tripur Sundari. One of her forms is as a perpetual sixteen year old that is always beautiful and in the prime of life. In this form she is known as Shodashi Tripura Sundari.

Through this Diksha one attains fulfillment in all spheres of life besides achieving success in the spiritual field too. If one is not able to achieve success in any Sadhana like Apsara Sadhana, Shiv Sadhana, Veishnnav Sadhana or a Sadhana related to any Goddess then through the grace of Mahavidya Shodashi Tripura Sundari one is able to get quick and resounding success. In the Wiccan tradition Tripura Sundari is known as the Triple Goddess and is represented as the Maiden, Mother and Crone. In Tibet, Shodashi is known as the Vajra Yogini.

Dhumavati Diksha:

On obtaining this Diksha one’s body becomes really healthy and powerful. Any ailment or physical problem that may have afflicted the individual gets removed forever through devoted observance of the power of the Dhumavati Diksha. After Diksha a hypnotic look appears in one’s eyes powerful enough to defeat even the worst of foes. The Diksha also works wonders in neutralizing the evil effects of dark rituals and spirits. One is filled with fearlessness on obtaining this Diksha and then no person or situation can make one feel afraid. One starts to automatically gain deeper knowledge of the science of Tantra after obtaining this Diksha and many subtle facts regarding this pure science start to become clear to the Sadhak. This subtle knowledge is primarily taught during one’s dream time, and then manifests in daily life as needed.

Tripur Bhairavi Diksha:

Spirits and ghosts can sometimes destroy one’s life. In villages and backward areas and even in civilized areas, there have been many cases when families reach the verge of destruction due to mischief created by evil spirits. The Tripur Bhairavi Diksha is an unfailing remedy for such cases as Bhairavi is a fierce and wrathful form of the Great Mother Goddess. Through her one is not just freed of the evil influence of ghosts, rather physical weakness starts to disappear and one becomes healthy, hale and hearty again. One’s self- confidence also gets boosted after this Diksha and one is able to overcome the most adverse circumstances and accomplish even seemingly impossible tasks very easily. After having had this Diksha the Sadhak can go to any haunted place without fear, for then the spirits start to fear the Sadhak.

Chinamasta Diksha:

If one looks at the form of Goddess Chinamasta one feels frightened at beholding her severed head. But, in fact, she is a very kind and powerful Goddess. If one is facing problems from any form of enemies, if one feels that some evil ritual has been tried against them, then this Diksha is the best remedy.

Not just this, but because of this Diksha one’s business starts to flourish, financial problems end and one becomes healthy and robust. All physical problems are banished and one feels a surge of divine energy within. Through this Diksha one can open the doors to success in several other Sadhanas. One remains healthy throughout the year and the seasonal changes have no adverse effect. Do the Diksha process, and chant the mantra daily, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

Kali Diksha:

This is an age of stiff competition. You may do no wrong and yet negative forces keep trying their best to rob you of your peace. Insults prove more harmful to people with a simple nature in comparison to cunning and evil minded ones unless they have been hardened by their life experiences as some of us have. Still, life can be hard at times. There is no person today who does not have an enemy. And “enemy” means not just another human adversary, but also diseases, pain, and stress are also enemies which keep the person ever troubled. To get rid of these a person tries many things which prove to be wasteful of both time and money. And still she is not able to get rid of these enemies. Through the Kali Diksha a person can end all enmities and attain victory over all enemies both outside and inside. This Diksha instills a divine energy due to which the Sadhak is ever protected from all foes, and all black magic is sent packing back to where it came from.

There is another great thing that comes from this: I have yet to see an astrological reading in which there were no planets producing negative effects. Doing Diksha for Kali, and devoting your life to her, does away with these negative planetary effects causing them to become teachers and aids in your daily life. It is the will of Kali that all of her followers live lives filled with bliss, and so she blesses us, not through ascetic practices, but through engaging in activities that allow us to enjoy all of the sensations and feelings possible in a human body, and her interest in out freedom and enjoyment of life is one reason why she encourages us to engage in every activity that is considered to be inauspicious by the religions that ultimately seek to enslave us.

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