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The Avalonian Alignment Program

Updated: Jan 17, 2022


The Avalonian Alignment Program is a series of attunements to the energies of Light Beings directly linked to and working through the ancient, mystical area of Glastonbury in Somerset, England known as the Isle of Avalon, a place where magical and empowering energies can be found. These powerful vibrational currents are passed directly to the recipient from the Avalonian Light Beings. They are passed on in the spirit of pure love and divine light so that the sacred nature of the magical Avalonian energies may be brought to the earth plane and expressed in your life and work.

These empowerments have three purposes: To HEAL To EMPOWER To ALIGN

They work in the following way:

First, the associated energy center of the recipient is cleansed of any stagnant or negative energies that may be causing imbalance or impeding the energy flow. Imbalance at the level of the energy body may manifest with emotional, mental or physical symptoms. When you energy system is in perfect balance, your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health is at its optimal level. This level will have a healing effect on all these areas.

Secondly, each particular energy center is energized, helping the natural flow of life-force energy to increase to that particular center.

Thirdly, the energy center that is being attuned is cleared, healed, empowered and aligned to the higher frequency energies of Avalon through the connection with the Avalonian Light Beings that oversee the process. Over time, working with the higher frequencies and techniques of each empowerment raises the natural vibration of your body and higher spiritual energies can be grounded and more fully expressed through the physical body.

The purpose of the Avalonian Alignment Programme is to facilitate a deeper experience of higher frequency energies by raising the vibration of your own energy field so that you resonate more strongly with these “higher” currents. The energies developed through this system are the higher spiritual energies manifested in and expressed through the earth in the sacred natural site of Glastonbury Tor.

This program consists of ten attunements, twelve symbols and manuals for each level. Each of the first nine manuals contain: • The Avalonian Alignment Programme • A Description of the center being worked with at each level • Symptoms of imbalance within the particular center • Meditation Focus Recap From Level 1 • The Empowerment for each level • Preparation For Your Empowerment • Following Your Empowerment • The Meditation for each level • Healing for Self and Others at each level The Manual for Part 10 is the facilitator manual. See below for a description.

Part 1: Avalonian Earth Star Empowerment This manual includes the following: • The Avalonian Alignment Programme • Threefold Empowerment • Glastonbury Tor • The Labyrinth • The Isle of Avalon • The Land of the Fairies • The Fairies of Avalon • Gwyn ap Nydd • The Wild Hunt • Psychopompic Figures and Initiators • Psychopomps of Different Mythologies • Ley Lines/Fairy Roads • Avalonian Empowerment • The Chakra System and the Energy Body Part 2: Avalonian Star of Origin Empowerment The Star of Origin center coincides with the Root Chakra. It is located at the very base of the spine and is concerned with our survival, basic instincts, career, finances and material needs. Physiologically it is associated with the function of our reproductive and excretory systems and it governs the adrenal glands, blood, bladder, rectum, gonads and spine. On the spiritual level it is location of the seed of potential within us, where the Kundalini is said to reside.

Part 3: Avalonian Star of the Waters Empowerment The Star of the Waters center is often strongly influenced by our emotional experiences. Imbalance can be a long-standing issue in this center if the expression of emotions was discouraged in childhood. A tendency at this level to ‘hold in’ may manifest in other problems such as constipation, fertility issues or menstrual problems in women. If this center becomes imbalanced through physical health issues, the individual may have problems expressing their emotions and appear staid, uncreative and lacking spontaneity. They may also exhibit a lack of sexual desire as well as lack of desire in other areas of life that are sensual or pleasurable such as eating. Imbalances may also result in confused emotional expression such as intense emotional reaction, fear or anger that is not a true expression of the blocked emotion.

Part 4: Avalonian Star of the Sacred Flame Empowerment The Star of the Sacred Flame Center is where the solar plexus is located, or the Manipura Chakra, meaning ‘lustrous gem’. This center is concerned with personal power, the true self and individuality. Physically it is concerned with the digestive system, the stomach, the skin and the liver. It is where our expression and outward image that we present to the world originates. When this center is in perfect balance, our true self is expressed effortlessly and in comfort. When it isn’t, we may find it hard to be ourselves around others.

Part 5: Avalonian Star of the Heart Empowerment The Star of the Heart center is located in the center of the chest and is associated with our capacity to give full expression to the unconditional love of our Source. This means the purest, truest and eternal love of the Universe that we bring to physical manifestation in our lives when the Star of the Heart center is clear. When we pass on healing and express consideration in the spirit of love and compassion, we are truly open to the Universe; the ego is suspended and we find ourselves ‘in the moment’ and may experience feelings of being connected to other people, Light Beings or Gods. When we are in the moment, we experience true peace and are able to pass on the love of our Universal Source to others.

Part 6: Avalonian Star of the Winds Empowerment The Star of the Winds center, located in the throat, governs the throat, mouth and nose. This center is associated with ‘higher expression’; that is expression of one’s energy through words, song and speech in particular. This center is activated when we use a mantra during meditation and when we speak of ideas and information that are channeled from higher planes. It also activated when we sing and pray. This center is also activated by breath, nourishing the body with Universal Life Force, also called Prana or Ki. When the Star of the Winds center is fully activated and cleansed, our ability to partake of this essential energy that nourishes us on all levels is optimal.

Part 7: Avalonian Star of Perception Empowerment The Star of Perception center is located at the level of the third eye, in the center of the forehead and just slightly above the eyebrows. This center is concerned with ‘inner sight’ and psychic awareness. Other psychic senses are available to us such as psychic hearing, empathically being able to ‘feel’ the emotions of others and telepathy, when we can pick up on the thoughts of others. When the Star of Perception center is balanced, cleansed and activated, our psychic senses are also developed, giving us a wider perception of reality. At the same time, or physical senses are balanced and our sense of perspective is also rebalanced. As our perspective is rebalanced, we may find ourselves becoming aware of beliefs we have clung to such as destructive habits, old resentments, or outworn attachments. These will be things that impede our ability to see things as they truly are, getting in the way of us experiencing life from a perspective that is truly our own.

Part 8: Avalonian Star of the Mountain Empowerment The Star of the Mountain center is located at the crown of the head. It is at this center that we reach the highest level of consciousness available to a human being without further development of the natural energy vibrations through attunement, healing and meditation work. At this level our physical body is connected to the higher spiritual vibrations of the Universe. It is the ‘first stop’ of the Universal Life Force energy that sustains us as it is drawn down into our energy field. Both the lower vibrational energies of Earth and the higher vibrational energies of the Universe are drawn into the physical body to keep us ‘nourished’ and healthy on all levels. The Star of the Mountain center is the point where we connect to the divinity that is the essence of every living thing. This essence connects all living things and also defines our uniqueness and distinguishes us from each other.

Part 9: Avalonian Soul Star Empowerment The Soul Star center is located about six inches to one foot above the crown of the head. It can be seen as sphere of white Universal Life Force Energy. It is at this level that our soul resides. The soul is the eternal aspect of ourselves, at once connected to the Universe and everything within it, and separate from it as it is a unique expression of the Universal Life Force. Understanding of this concept increases over time after this attunement. Pondering things within the Universe that are unique such as people, animals, the stars, snowflakes, flowers, trees, grains of sand and the waves of the sea deepens your understanding of both the connection and the uniqueness of everything within the Universe. This center is never unbalanced because it is the part of ourselves where we are fully connected to our Source/the Universe.

Part 10: Avalonian Alignment Programme Facilitator This manual contains three Facilitator Level empowerments, each with its own symbol, enabling you to pass the Avalonian Alignment Programme to others. They involve imprinting of symbols into the Soul Star and Earth Star centers of the recipient to strengthen their resonance with those energies that are channeled during the passing of the Programme. They are the following: • Star of the Higher Light: this is the aspect of your Soul that is common to all else within the Universe. This empowerment facilitates the channeling of the higher frequencies of Source Energy and the Light of the Avalonians during the passing on of empowerment. • Star of the Source: this facilitates a stronger resonance and ability to channel Universal Life Force/Source Energy while passing empowerment to another. • Star of Avalonia: this aligns your higher will and intention with that of the Avalonians during the passing on of an empowerment, helping you to be a channel for the Avalonians. Also included in this manual is the complete sequence of symbols to be used in the daily Avalonian Alignment Programme Facilitator Meditation, and instructions for passing on the empowerments.

Founder: Anna May

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