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Stone Of Heaven: Azurite Meaning, Uses And Healing Properties

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

If you have ever laid eyes on an azurite geode or azurite jewelry, you have certainly wondered what the azurite meaning is. Azurite is a powerful gemstone, known to ancient civilizations and us for its extraordinary healing powers. The stone of heaven, but also of Earth, azurite is used in crystal healing therapies for the multitude of properties it holds. The azurite meaning can easily be understood if we trace back the wealth of legends surrounding this shimmering blue stone. The Egyptians revered it, the ancient Chinese named azurite the stone of heaven guided by the belief that it opened celestial gateways while the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations used it for the visionary insights it could bestow. A stone known worldwide, azurite was used by the Native Americans as well. With this culture, azurite was once more revered for its capacity to bridge the earthly world with that of the spirits and open the channel of communication for spiritual messages. There is an impressive collection of stories and legends depicting the extraordinary properties of azurite. The azurite meaning was passed down to us from the lore and legend shrouded in the mist of time. Yet, the deep dark blue stone continues to reveal its energy and properties to our contemporary world.

Azurite Meaning and Azurite Malachite Meaning Before diving into the implications of the azurite meaning, we must make the difference between azurite and azurite malachite. Azurite is, in fact, a blue copper carbonate mineral. This gemstone is quite soft. It is typically found in the upper oxidized parts of copper ore. Azurite’s luster varies greatly. Nonetheless, this is one of the reasons for which is allows mesmerizing jewelry designs that can incorporate and enhance azurite’s beauty. At times, azurite’s hues slip into indigo shades or light blue. The most known hues of azurite are the ones that also give this gemstone its name: blue (or ‘azure’). Quite often, azurite is mixed with malachite. The result is commonly referred to as azuritemalachite. However, malachite is another copper carbonate mineral, altogether different than azurite. Its green color blended in the blue waves of the azurite completes a beautiful puzzle resembling our Earth. As such, azurite and azurite-malachite are two different minerals, each with their individual meanings and properties. Together, they offer a powerful blend of healing energies. The azurite meaning is strongly connected with the stone of heaven denomination. Azurite is well-known for resonating primarily with the Third-Eye Chakra and with the Throat Chakra. As such, the azurite stone meaning is also that of a divine connection stone. The azurite meaning reveals the powerful properties the gemstone has in clearing away confusion and tension while opening a new window to new and higher perspectives. As most blue crystals do, azurite enhances one’s intellect and sparks intuition. At the same time, the azurite malachite meaning builds on the azurite meaning. Nonetheless, due to the blend of the two copper carbonate minerals, the result has enhanced properties. In crystal healing therapies, azurite-malachite is regarded as a powerful energy conductor. While the blue hues of the azurite crystal pierce through the energy fields, the green hues of the malachite bestow the healing power. One calms and aligns energies while the other heals. It is said that azurite-malachite is a great stone for meditation. The azurite gemstone meaning is also that of a grounding stone. While relieving the worries of day to day life and the stress caused by these, azurite works to restore balance and empower the wearer to take control over emotions and reactions. Azurite is a powerful gemstone, perfectly fit to ignite the passion for life while emphasizing intuition. This crystal is the perfect choice for enhancing focus, aiding memory and retaining information.

Azurite Healing Properties Azurite is deemed to be a powerful healing stone. Its healing properties are as relevant for the spirit and the mind as they are for the body. With a rich tradition of being used in healing therapies, azurite is revered for the wealth of properties it holds.

Azurite Heals the Body As the gemstone resonates not only with the third-eye chakra, but also with the throat chakra, it is believed to hurry the healing of throat problems. Wearing an azurite pendant will spike your energy level while your immune system will be considerably strengthened. Azurite carries healing properties for the central nervous system as well. The gemstone helps blood circulation, as well as the regeneration of cells. A stone of life and grounding memories, azurite is believed to help with relieving early Alzheimer’s symptoms as well as soothing other neuro-degenerative diseases. The gemstone is used in detoxification therapies, to support the liver and kidneys, as well as other internal organs vital for this process.

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