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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

One of the most beautiful gemstones in the world is the rose quartz. It gets its name from its rosy color, which can range from very light to medium. The microscopic inclusions of aligned silicate fibers are the reason behind this gorgeous color. Because of how abundant the color is, the gemstone is more translucent versus transparent. Transparent rose quartz is very rare but can be found in certain places around the world. People believe that because it is so rare, it should be called pink quartz rather than rose quartz.


Rose quartz beads first came into existence back in 7000 BC where they were found in Mesopotamia. As far as it becoming part of the jewelry world, rose quartz was crafted by the Assyrians between 800-600 BC. Besides the color, what most attracted people to rose quartz gemstones was the magical powers that the Ancient Romans, Egyptians, and Greek civilizations saw in the stone. They began to use the gemstone as potent talismans. It was known to signify ownership by the Romans while the Egyptians believed that it prevented aging.

As time went along, the Middle Ages took a different approach to the gemstone. Medical practitioners used quartz as part of healing potions. In early American culture, rose quartz was used as amulets. These love stones found a unique way of balancing emotions to help people heal their anger and disappointment. It has also been reported that rose quartz facial masks were found in the tombs of ancient Egypt.

Rose quartz crystals when first discovered were believed to be fake by mineralogists around the world. One of the unique features, however, that they discovered once they believed in the crystal is that it produces a star effect, or asterism, can be seen when light is shown through the rose quartz. Many times this star can be seen as soon as light is shown on gems such as rubies or sapphires. But, if rutile needles are present in the rose quartz, the star beautifully shines through!


Most of the rose quartz used today can be found at the core of the pegmatites. It typically is found in large masses. In Southeast Brazil in the Minas Gerais, these gemstones are most often found. However, these crystals are very rare. They are the only crystal that is not found in large amounts of crystal form. Most of it is mined in Minas Gervais, Brazil, Maine, Pala, and California. People consider Brazil as having the most well-formed crystals today.

They can also be found in central Madagascar as well as Vama, Nuristan, which is located in the northeast region of Afghanistan. Ontario, Canada along with the Bavarian Forest in Southern Germany are two other well-known places to find the quartz.

Formation of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is formed from the cooling of magma. These large masses of magma are called plutons. As these large masses move closer to the surface, they become less dense than surrounding rocks. It also begins to cool down and crystallize. Because the fluid magma on the edge of the plutons tends to be rich in silicon, water, and oxygen, it squeezes into the fractures of local rock-forming pegmatites. With the presence of titanium, rose quartz is given its pinkish hue.

Physical Properties

Rose quartz can be cut into beads, faceted stone, and cabochons. To display this rich pink color, the gemstone can be cut into eight millimeters in size. Some of the specimens of rose quartz contain a strong inclusion that lines up with the hexagonal crystal structure. It is chemically composed of Silicon Dioxide infused with iron and titanium. It rates as a seven on the hardness scale and is classified as vitreous as a luster type. Rose quartz is an indiscernible cleavage. It is not the most popular stone when it comes to being a gem due to the clouded impurities that are typically associated with gems. Because of its color, rose quartz is usually carved into figures resembling hearts or people. Since it is so affordable, people love its pink heart design.

Healing Properties

There is a vast array of healing properties that are associated with rose quartz. Many people have strong beliefs in the powers that lurk behind the beautiful gemstone. Some of the more common healing properties associated with rose quartz include the following.

Color Impact

The lighter red or pink rose quartz is said to bring powerful amounts of willpower, dedication, and thoughtfulness. People feel as though since the color is so soothing, it can be using as a calming device for people who are easily annoyed or angered. As many people are familiar with, the color pink is associated with love. As a result, the rose quartz can also symbolize new relationships with a fresh romance. Its tender color helps people overcome any troubles in their lives such as pain and cheating.


Because of the feminine tone, rose quartz has been said to help activate the heart chakra of the wearer. The rose quartz has vibrations that dig deep into the body to fill someone with the feeling of pleasure and a long life. It relieves people of their rage, bitterness, and distrust that many religions preach to release from their life. This spirituality is shown in its ability to bring about a cure, renew optimism and trust as well as compassion for people in the world around us.

Physical Healing

The burns and blisters of our lives are soothed down by the rose quartz. This is done by using it as an elixir and rubbed lightly on the skin. It can help to reduce scars and wrinkles creating the soft complexion everyone always wants to have.

Rose quartz also hits home when it comes to the heart and circulatory system. With the reduction of stress and anxiety, it allows our hearts to beat properly without any added stress. It is recommended that people provide anyone with heart issues this stone to help their physical healing.

The stone helps to remove the impurities from our bodies. It can also help with kidney problems, lung issues, including bronchitis and rough coughs. People have also found it helpful for people who get frequently dizzy or experience vertigo.

Rose Quartz helps to heal the heart chakra of the body. It gives the wearer the energy to face the world head-on and express any emotions to the world without any hesitation. With a balance of the Yin and Yang energy, it connects the positive energy of the world with our hearts.

Finally, for females, the rose quartz brings positive vibes to their reproductive system. People believe that it helps with fertility, sexual difficulties, depression, and mothers that have to undergo difficult deliveries.

Meditation Mantras

If you are in the habit of practicing forms of meditation, rose quartz can be possible mantras to your practice. During your meditation session, allow the negativity that you have towards yourself or others transform into love and compassion. Forming a deep connection with rose quartz can help you clear your mind and encourage all the positive and negative emotions to flow through you. During your breaths, inhale love and exhale your grudges that have been biting at your inner core. Envisioning the pink love that moves through your body will help to revitalize your body with unconditional love.

The rose quartz can be used in meditation by holding it in one hand while meditating. It is also recommended that you set a rose quartz rock in the room that you are performing your meditation. The room will be filled with warm and soothing vibrations. People who meditate will also choose to wear some sort of rose quartz jewelry or put a rose quartz crystal in their pants pocket. Just the sheer presence of rose quartz being in the room can change the whole vibe of the experience.

Soaking up the Essence of Rose Quartz

A popular thing that people who are connected to rose quartz gemstones do is access the high frequencies of energy that comes along with the stone. They like to infuse their energy into the water to make a gem essence. People will place a piece of the rose quartz into a bowl of spring water and allow the energy to get fully absorbed. The rays of the sun and brightness of the moonlight with activate the energy. Many people will fill a water bottle with this rose quartz water and use it as a beauty tonic for the face and body.

Rose quartz can also be used to add healing effects to bathwater. Place rose quartz in the water and feel the relaxation take over your body. While laying in the tub, reinforce the focus you have for the stone. Allow the positive energy to take over your body and let all your troubles from the day disappear.

Rose Quartz Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

For those lucky enough to be born in January, you hold the distinction of claiming rose quartz as your birthstone. This identifies you as someone with emotional balance and a forgiving heart. Rose quartz gemstones are also connected to being the natural birthstone of people born between October 22nd and November 20th. Relish in the fact that this birthstone helps to increase your energy levels along with increased courage, passion, and love.

Rose quartz gemstones are the zodiac signs for people born under the sign of Scorpio. The zodiac sign is represented by a scorpion with a fierce tail ready to strike at any moment. Most people look at this sign as a symbol of success and people born as a Scorpio are characterized as being independent, complicated, and creative people with a tremendous sense of humor. They are people that you can consider to be great leaders.

Rose Quartz Myth

One of the most famous myths about rose quartz was in the story of Adonis and Aphrodite. Aphrodite became trapped in a thorn bush while trying to help out Adonis. As he was doing so, Ares, the God of War, attacked him. Aphrodite was too late to save Adonis, but their love was so strong that the blood from Aphrodite and Adonis spilled onto the quartz that was below them. After that moment, a rose quartz color always remained in that spot. This really solidified the meaning of love behind the rose quartz.

Additional Facts

Rose quartz, more than anything else, will always be known for its healing powers and ability to help prevent aging. Rose quartz was named as the official mineral of South Dakota in 1966 and can be found mainly in parts of the United States, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, and Namibia.

If rose quartz is found with the unique asterism, then it can be called a star rose quartz. It is known as the love stone for the energy of love, joy, and happiness that it exudes. In addition to that, it is known to have healing powers to help with depression and other mental ailments. It is best suited for activating the Heart Chakra.

These stones were once known as Bohemian or Silesian rubies. People were worried that the rose quartz would fade when left in direct sunlight. They believed the only way to restore the rose quartz color was to place the stone in a damp place.

At one time, rose quartz were used to help detoxify the body. There were considered an elixir that could counteract poisons. People believed very strongly in their healing powers.

The history of rose quartz gemstones is extremely interesting and one that many people still believe in today. In a world that exudes too much negativity at times, holding onto something as simple as a rose quartz gemstone can make you feel safe and confident. It is a gemstone that has many meanings and symbols which make it widely popular around the world. It’s beautiful color certainly doesn’t hurt either! Add a rose quartz gemstone to your collection today to soak up the many powers and positivity that exudes from it.

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