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Power of the Nepalese Shaman

Power of the Nepalese Shaman This course cannot be sold for less than $260.00 USD, and can never be used on free attunement sites or swap sites or buy one get one (two, three, four…etc.) free venues. Founder: Dr. Prajna Shiva Kalidasa Levels 1 Attunements: 13 You’ll receive 13 distant attunements and 1 emailed pdf manual. You will be able to initiate others You will receive a certificate at your request On-going support is available via email About this system:

Dr. Prajna Shiva Kalidasa writes about his system: “Sadhana texts speak of the four magical actions or magic’s: 1. White magic or Shantika-karma (zhi-ba‟i „phrin-las) has the function of calming and pacifying conditions and healing. White Tara is an example of a deity that specifically has this white function. 2. Yellow Magic or Paushtika-karma (rgyas-pa‟i phrin-las) has the function of increasing wealth, prosperity, abundance, merit, knowledge, and so on. Vasundahara and Jambhala are examples of deities with these functions. Hence they are yellow in color. 3. Red Magic or Vashya-karma (dbang gi phrin-las) has the function of bringing people under one’s power, of enchanting, bewitching, attracting, subjugating, magnetizing them. This is the primary function of Kurukulla and hence her red color. 4. Black Magic or Raudra-karma (drag-po‟i phrin-las) has the function of destroying evil and obstructions to the spiritual path. This is the specific function of many wrathful manifestations such as the Dakini Simhamukha who is dark blue in color. The First Attunement Will show you the color of your magic and fill you with that energy! Second Attunement in a Set The spirit of the Nepalese Shaman will share the energy of his crown with you. The spirits of the stones that you will someday work with to come into you, and to guide you to them wherever they may be in the days and weeks ahead. Once the energy has entered you then know that you will be guided to them whether they are in your own home or yard, or if they are many miles away. The Third Attunement Set The knife is the first part of this process, and is reflected in some way in every shamanic culture. This knife is primarily used for preparing ritual objects as well as for other purposes in the process of conducting rituals and healing work. The second attunement in this set will be for empowering a clear quartz crystal to serve as an additional energy source for you. The energy causes the crystal that you select to take in residual energy form ever possible source, and to store it for your eventual use, and also to store residual energies that you purposely put in it from your own activities such as sex for fun rather than for a ritual purpose. The third attunement in this set is to the power of the Asian Black Cobra. The Cobra is a potent force in the life of the Shaman, and represents higher spiritual wisdom, the ability to move with ease through the nine realms of the underworld, and the rise and flow of kundalini energy in the body and spirit of the Shaman. Attunement to the Shaman’s Necklace These two shaman’s necklaces have several things in common, and some that are different, but you will be attuned to all of them at once. Both of the necklaces here have bells that help people know when the Shaman has gone into a trance, and which frighten evil spirits when they ring. This attunement will set up an energy that does both of these things causing both people and spirits to respect your boundaries while in a trance state. Both necklaces also have five mukhi Rudraksha seed pods which do several things such as cause the brain to secrete serotonin that helps you to relax and stay calm, and they also work to help improve concentration and mental focus as well as to remove obstacles from your path, and give you a strong connection to Ganesha, the “First Shaman”. There are also Riddhi seeds which are worn by Shamans who do exorcisms. This attunement will attune you to the energies of both of these powerful seed pods so that their energy will flow through you either as needed and called upon, or all of the time if you so choose for it to do so. Both necklaces also have strips of colored cloth denoting their use for either yellow or black magic, and so you will also be attuned to energies that especially assist you in those two magical paths as well as to any other that may have been determined to be your primary are of activity in the first attunement. Refer back to that attunement to determine what these two magic colors denote. One necklace has a tip of an antelope horn in honor of the days when Phurbas were first made of horns and bones, and which offers a connection energetically with the first Shamans in Naga tribes of Nepal. This attunement will also forge such a connection as will allow you to contact the ancient Kali Naga Shamans to get advice on how to do anything that you need help with, and don’t know already what needs to be done. Attunement to the Shaman’s Rattles These rattles are made from pieces of metal and bells attached to iron handles. The primary purpose of the rattles is to disrupt stagnant energy in the spirit world as well as in the body of someone being healed, and to shatter the composure of evil spirits. As with all ritual tools, they pick up residual energies from the rituals in which they are used, and the ritual tools in these attunements were often used for many generations. Like gongs, rattles connect us to the energy of the sun. Attunement to the Spirit of the Shaman’s Drum The spirit of the drum connects us to the heart beat of Mother Earth, and helps guide us during delicate or difficult trance work to help us as we go out and return to our bodies safely. Whether you have a drum or not, this energy will connect you to the spirit of the drum and it will still do these things for you. Attunement to the Trishula, the Sickle and the Wooden Phurba The Trishula is a Hindu iron trident used by Hindu Shamans as an offering to Shiva Bhairava Mahakala, the male consort of Goddess Mahakali, and to stick in the ground when traveling to let people know that they are available to help them at that time. The Trishula is seen in many statues of Kali standing on Shiva as he holds it up in loving surrender as he gives the Trishula to Her. The stated purpose of Mahakali is “to trample ignorance on the Path of Love”, and what man in his right mind – be he human or a God – would not surrender to such love and passion from his Goddess? Like the three sides of the blade of the Phurba, the three points of the trishula stand for the overcoming of ignorance, greed and fear as these are the three conditions that cause the most trouble in the lives of humankind. Shamans are often seen pointing with the trishula during rituals while dealing with the energy from one or more of these problems, and they are often seen making cutting motions with the sickle as they cut away ignorance in the spirit realms around who or whatever they are working on. The wooden Phurbas are generally used to stake out an area either to protect it energetically, or to keep an evil spirit from being able to escape. While many wooden Phurbas are ornately carved, such as this one, many are simply sticks with the lower half whittled so that it becomes a blade or point with three sides. The first Phurbas were made fro three-sided tent stakes making them readily available in most nomadic cultures. Attunement to the Kangling Trumpet For thousands of years the Hindus made human sacrifices to various deities including to Kali Ma. This Kangling trumpet is made from the humerus, the upper bone of the arm, from one such sacrifice in a Nepalese Kali temple. Attunement to the Wisdom of the Shaman When some spiritual work is needed then that you do not know how to do, and no one else who is competent in that wok is available, then sit nude in meditation and ask for assistance from the collective consciousness of the Kali Naga Shamans, and the information on how to do what needs to be done will come to you.

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