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Kasamba Review

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Kasamba Review: Worth Money or Just a Scam (100% Proven)

Established in 1999, Kasamba psychics have provided essential guidance to millions of clients for years. Considered as one of most reputable psychic networks, Kasamba offers a wide range of readings and spiritual specialties. No matter what situation you are dealing with, their genuine guidance can help you find best solutions.

When accessing to the homepage, you will find plenty of psychic reading services provided by Kasamba including relationship counseling, fortune telling, tarot readings, dream analysis, astrology readings, and many more.

For new clients, you all will receive free 3 minute in the first reading with every advisor there. Plus, the refund will be transferred to your account instantly if you are not satisfied with the session.

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Is There Any Unique Feature on Kasamba?

1. Mobile app

More conveniently, if you don’t want to access the network through web browser, then it’s completely fine to download Kasamba mobile app on your iPhone or iPad. This new feature is now available for iOS users.

Get clear answers from real psychics in the most comfortable way (instantly, privately, and anonymously) – who can say no to this?

Like what the website offers, you can also take advantage of the free 3 minute special promotion from the app. Over millions of Kasamba clients have used the app and left useful reviews; you can read all carefully to gain more insights.

2. Other features

As I told you before, one of Kasamba’s best features that I enjoy the most and also you can’t find anywhere else is that the platform allowing you to text to your favorite psychic readers. Not only sending messages, you can also suggest the rates you want to pay for a session. This feature is more than awesome if you already find the right reader whom you feel that you can trust.

After you specify the rate, it’s understandable if your expert doesn’t accept your offered price.

Aside from all the services, Kasamba has a blog on the website including plenty of spiritual articles. Written by their own psychics, the collection covers a variety of different topics, such as spirituality, relationships, horoscopes, etc. There is a love compatibility section in which you can test how compatible between your sign and your lover’s. For further details, maybe you need a love analysis for your current relationship.

How Many Types of Readings on Kasamba?

What I enjoy the most when trying the reading at Kasamba is their various categories. As mentioned in the beginning, this website has a wide selection of readings and psychic advisors. From love/relationships to money and career guidance, you can find anything there.

I’ve prepared a list of some types of readings that you can try out on the site in the following:

1. Tarot readings

Of all categories, Tarot readings are the most popular on Kasamba. Over 100 hundreds of experienced psychics are available 24/7 to choose from. Contact them if you want to get the guidance for your current circumstance as well as to discover what is holding for your future. For a more detailed and specific session, you can have a look at angel card readings and cartomancy, in which the reader will use playing cards for analysis.

2. Dream interpretations

We usually ignore our subconscious mind; however, the power it holds is more incredible than you could imagine. Never overlook your dreams as they reflect the deepest desires of your unconscious self. Fortunately, there are more than 90 top rated dream analysts to help you get the message of your dreams.

A talk with the right spiritual advisor will shed light on recurring dreams or even nightmares. The insights gained in the reading will help you realize what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you. Keep in mind that not all dream interpreters are the same; while some use nothing but their natural abilities to analyze your dream, others make use of divination tools (tarot, crystals, etc.) to enhance their session.

3. Astrology readings

You always feel curious about your zodiac sign and want to get the answer to your questions from the stars and cosmos, right? An astrology reading with a legit Kasamba expert will help you understand your personality and yourself better, and get a glimpse into different aspects of life including your future. Over 80 astrologers on this site enable to deliver in-depth and specific astrology readings.

You can choose between Chinese astrology and Vedic astrology before starting the service.

4. Crystal readings

Crystals are magic stones usually used as one of divination tools in psychic readings; and at Kasamba, the network well-known for uncommon services, you will be offered crystal readings. About 30 trustworthy psychics specialize in using crystals to heal your pressing issues. Depending on your situation or question, each clairvoyant may avail the spiritual stone differently, from scrying to removing negative energy of your body.

5. Pet readings

You rarely find this kind of reading on other psychic networks, but Kasamba has nearly 30 experts who can help you strengthen the spiritual and soul connections with your pet. Or if you realize some weird behaviors from your pet, then contact top-rated psychics from this place for genuine insights.

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How to Get a Kasamba Reading?

No need to be afraid if this is your first time visiting Kasamba. In fact, the website has a friendly interface easy to navigate; also, the registration process will take you only several minutes and you will have a free account. Type your email address, click the ‘Sign Up’ button, and you’re ready for the journey at this network.

With a simple layout, you can easily find psychic advisors expertising in the type of reading you are searching for. Make use of the navigation bar at the top of the homepage to select a category as well as a subcategory.

As soon as you find the spiritual expert you feel most drawn to and really want to interact with, choose to either Chat or Call them. These two buttons are available below the profile of each psychic, and you will notice that not all provide both online chat and phone readings. According to Kasamba readers, they will serve customers the method they are most confident. While all can be reachable via text chat, only some perform their sessions through telephone. In case your favorite reader is busy or offline, click ‘Notify Me’ button to get a notification once they’re available.

For a chat reading, let’s click the ‘Let’s Chat’ button and the site will open a new screen in which you need to enter details of your credit card for the process to continue. If you’re a new client, Kasamba has a special introductory offer for you: 3 free minutes to chat with all of their psychics in the first time. If you don’t fill up your billing information, then you can’t use this promotion. You will get charged at the regular price once your free minutes are over.

Here’s my tip for you:

Don’t quickly click on Let’s Chat; instead, directly tap on the psychic name and you will be taken to their profile page. Read carefully the descriptions to get to know them better, such as their areas of expertise and experience. Moreover, Kasamba allows all members to read reviews written by their previous customers.

You will find a button saying ‘Request a Reading’ below Let’s Chat. Tap on that and a new screen will show up, and you can leave a message there to the psychic. This is an opportunity to inform them you current situation and also the type of reading you are in need of.

What’s more? Kasamba features an option to specify the amount of money you willingly pay for a psychic reading. I’m actually always excited for this part because you may only pay a lower price than the actual rate a particular advisor offering. Whether or not they accept your suggestion, it’s up to them. You won’t lose anything when sending that kind of request, so no need to delicious.

The 3 free minutes of Kasamba will give your chosen psychic a chance to demonstrate their ability. Observe the way they providing details about their services and you can determine if they are a good match and able to answer your urgent inquiries. In case you meet a person unwilling to talk about themselves or acting like they can’t help you, then simply continue your search. Psychic readers who don’t want to talk to you in free trials are not a reliable choice.

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Is Kasamba Really Trustworthy?

This psychic site has appeared in the psychic reading industry for 20 years and has delivered their incredible services to over 3 million people around the world. When hiring spiritual advisors, Kasamba requires all candidates to send their qualifications and resumes, like any other psychic networks. Though there’s no screening process, you can be assured about the authenticity of most Kasamba readers.

With the satisfaction rate up to 93%, the company has gained over thousands of reviews from their customers throughout two decades.

Honestly and surprisingly, it’s impossible to find bad reviews and poorly rated psychic advisors on Kasamba. But a part of me thinks that they will remove those with bad performances from the site. More greatly, satisfaction guarantee is available there – you will be given a refund worth $50 if you are not happy in the first chat reading with their reader.

My tip for you in this situation is that you should text a message for your psychic before purchasing a service from them. Wait and see how long they will send their reply; talk to others if they take much time for the answer.

Overall this is still a great place to gain insights about yourself spiritually.

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Who are BEST Psychics of Kasamba?

There are a total of more than 200 experts on the site; in today’s article, I’m going to present the top 5 based on my opinions and experience.

1. Psychic Reader and Healer

Psychic Reader and Healer is the top choice of most regular clients when visiting Kasamba, especially those in need of a profound reading about love and relationship. With more than 21,000 reviews and 5-star ratings, no wonder he is highly recommended. From the information on his bio, he has over 23 years of experience in performing psychic readings. Also, he has worked with lots of celebrities; this really doesn’t surprise me…I mean, his good reputation is no joke at all.

2. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a perfect choice if a tarot reading is everything you need at the moment. She is a certified Reiki Master and also received the certification by Tarot Certification Board. Her style of reading is honest always. Rather than saying sugar-coated things during the session, Elizabeth will tell you the truth whether she sees good events or bad events. According to her profile, she has over 16,500 positive reviews and of course 5-star ratings.

3. Immense Spark n Aura

Immense Spark n Aura is one of most popular Kasamba psychics. As she specializes in many fields, her services are various, from psychic and tarot readings, spiritual healing to spell casting. She inherited special abilities from her family and is always a sincere and compassionate reader to all clients. With more than 14,600 reviews and a 5-star rating, she is an ideal pick for first-time visitors.

4. Love Specialist Isabelle

Does Love Specialists Isabelle sound familiar to you? She is a professional spiritual reader and counselor expertising in love and any relationship matter, such as marriage, children, and divorce. She stated in the bio that she is open and only stays true to all situations. The future doesn’t always welcome you with positive, comforting things; therefore, don’t expect her to tell sweet words or what you want to hear. This advisor, having 14,000 reviews, will provide only what you need to know.

5. Master Enigma

Lastly on this list is Master Enigma, a renowned psychic on Kasamba. What makes him stand out from others? Over 30 years of experience in this area and a great number of reviews (52,000), he is definitely the best choice for individuals having big pressing questions that need to be solved as soon as possible. Master Enigma is caring and truthful when performing his readings. Countless customers across the globe have received his guidance and found it insightful.

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Final Words

To wrap this Kasamba review, I just want to say that Kasamba is one of the first psychic networks and has gain much respect from millions of users. At this point, this company has a large base of spiritual advisors providing nearly 100 high-rated psychic readings. Most are professional and skillful in their own specialties. They barely fail in giving accurate results.

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