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Interesting Facts About Aventurine

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Aventurine is a form of microcrystalline quartz which has a multitude of sparkling flecks throughout it, making it very beautiful. It is named aventurine after the Italian ‘aventurine glass’ which was actually made by mistake in Venice in the 17th Century – aventurine derives from the word ‘avventura’ which means ‘by chance or fortune’. Aventurine glass is very similar to what we know today as goldstone. The actual crystal aventurine contains these internal sparkles through natural means, but is somewhat similar to the Italian glass. It is actually specking mica which cause the sparkles in aventurine crystals.

This crystal is predominantly found in areas of Brazil, Russia and India and is very easy to obtain. It can be found in a whole manner of different forms, from jewelry to ornaments, this is because it is easy to carve and polish, this is why it is often referred to as Indian Jade. Due to the lesser price of aventurine, it can make a great starter crystal if you are hoping to begin a collection.

You may have seen aventurine in many different colorways, with green probably being the most popular – you can find aventurine in red, blue, silver and peach in most crystal stores.

The general keywords associated with aventurine are stability, balance, tranquility and positivity and all aventurine crystals help the body to relax and increase levels of contentment. Although, each of these colors comes with their own backstory and healing properties, so here’s a little more about them:

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is most frequently found in a mid to light green color and this is due to fuchsite inclusions. The number and size of these inclusions affect how green the aventurine looks.

This stone is linked to the heart chakra and also ties with the zodiac signs of Virgo and Taurus. It is often referred to as a lucky stone and is known as the “gambler’s stone” since it can often bring about good fortune in games of chance or for competitions.

There are many healing properties and associations linked with green aventurine:

In health-related healing it is said to help with issues such as irregular heart rhythms, problems with fertility, dyslexia, dyspraxia and hay fever. It may also assist the immune system after illness.

General healing properties include:

Inducing clearer and calmer thoughts which can help with anger issues

Stabilizing emotions which may have become overwhelming, helping to overcome any negative emotional patterns

Can help to reduce clumsiness

Encourages gratitude and optimism

Can neutralize geopathic or electromagnetic stress

Scents which are associated to this crystal are cedarwood and rosewood

When used in divination the message is “speculate to accumulate”

There are ways in which green aventurine can be utilized in your everyday life, for instance, it is said to help with written work which may include typing or computer skills. People often use this crystal in charm bags to attract good fortune and money (sometimes alongside amazonite) and some will meditate with aventurine to help them to envision their life path.

Red Aventurine

Red aventurine comes in a variety of shades which include red, pink, peach, orange and sometimes brown, all of which hold very similar properties. The coloring of this type of aventurine comes from hematite inclusions within the crystal, so different levels of these inclusions mean the color varies quite a lot.

This stone is associated with the root and solar plexus chakras and links to the zodiac sign Aries. Red aventurine could be said to be a protective stone as it is meant to keep the owner safe from car accidents, thefts and even fires.

Red aventurine has many healing uses and associations:

When it comes to physical health, this crystal is said to help with problems in the reproductive system, speeding up metabolism, lowering cholesterol, hemophilia and skin conditions such as eczema.

Other metaphysical effects can include:

Bringing back humor to those who may have had a hard time

Increasing libido when worn or placed beneath the mattress

Helping someone who suffers from weight problems

Fragrances associated to this type of aventurine are allspice, mint and saffron

The divinatory message for red aventurine is “hard work will bring success”

In everyday life, red aventurine can be a really great crystal for people who work long and late hours and for those who need to come up with ideas and solutions on the daily.

Silver Aventurine

Silver aventurine is not rare, but is not as readily available as the other aventurine colors. It is sometimes known as white aventurine as it is almost colorless, but more often has grayish tints. The specks of mica are quite visible in silver aventurine, meaning it can be very sparkly.

The sacral and brow chakras are associated to silver aventurine as is the zodiac sign Cancer. This stone is said to reflect one’s soul and give you the ability to see people’s true selves – it is a crystal for clarity.

This crystal has predominantly physical and mental healing properties:

Silver aventurine is said to ease skin complaints such as rosacea or psoriasis when it comes to physical healing, as well as assist in balancing hormones and easing the symptoms of vertigo and glandular fever.

In mental health, this crystal is said to be healing to those who have suffered sexual abuse, as it teaches them to love and respect their bodies again

This stone is linked to sage and poppy fragrances

In divinatory use, silver aventurine means “keep your secrets to yourself”

Silver aventurine is good for protecting against online hazards, so could be a good crystal to have near any computer that children might use. It has also been known for mothers to give a piece of silver aventurine jewelry as a gift to their daughters when she starts menstruating, as a welcome to womanhood.

This variety is said to be the most magical of all of the aventurines and can be used to make wishes in the moonlight, but you have to keep those wishes to yourself for them to come true.

Blue Aventurine

Blue aventurine can range anywhere from the lightest of blues to a deeper sapphire shade. The reason this type of aventurine appears as blue is due to inclusions of dumortierite, again the color is affected by how many inclusions are in the crystal.

Libra and Sagittarius are the zodiac signs associated with blue aventurine and the throat chakra is also linked to this stone. Blue aventurine is a stone which aids people in becoming more aware of their spirituality and can help with contacting spirit guardians and guides.

This dreamy crystal has many healing properties and associations:

From a physical health perspective, blue aventurine can help with sinus problems, congestion, poor eyesight, migraines or headaches, allergies and even insomnia.

More general metaphysical properties of this crystal are:

Helping to bring peace to troubled soul by helping them speak their fears

Calming to the mind

Inspiring focus for any form of performance or task – great for sports

Can be grounding to those who are feeling overwhelmed

Coconut, vanilla and lime are the scents associated to this crystal

Its divinatory message is “an unexpected chance to travel could come about”

For more general use in life, blue aventurine is said to help people to gain the respect of others which is great for those in a leadership position i.e. manager or supervisory role. If you tend to travel a lot, this crystal can help to protect against any disruptions during your journey. It can also protect your luggage and personal items and help bring safety on trips away.

Extra Interesting Facts

As mentioned above, aventurine is a crystal with a good level of hardness which makes it the perfect stone to carve into many things. Beads are one of the most popular ways in which aventurine is carved, but because it forms in such large blocks, it is frequently used to make mosaics or flooring, alongside marble. The decorative nature of this semi-precious stone inspired Fabergé, who would often use aventurine alongside other crystals to make his famous decorative egg ornaments.

Aventurine is a beautiful stone which is perfect for jewelry making – why not try making a simple beaded green aventurine bracelet to give as a gift to someone who needs some luck in their lives? Or create a charm pouch with blue aventurine and lavender to place under your pillow if you struggle to fall asleep.

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