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How To Realize The Full Potential Of An Amethyst Geode Cave At Home

Amethyst geode caves are one of the most popular types of feng shui crystals used by people who are more serious in metaphysics.

This is because they can cost thousands of dollars. And a casual hobbyist is not going to spend that type of money on something they only believe in half-heartedly.

And while the expert jewelers would insist on the meticulous details of how to value them, in layman terns, their market prices pretty much depend on a few critical factors like size, weight, color, depth, consistency, etc.

You might be confused when you’ve read the above as you might have come across them at the mall recently and found them pretty affordable for a regular home owner.

Are they fake?

There are of course replica products all over the place when it comes to crystals. They look, feel, and weigh the same as the real thing. But for the purpose of this discussion, let’s just assume that every amethyst item you’ve seen in stores and shops are genuine.

In this case, they are very affordable because they don’t come in the form that has a potent effect on feng shui.

Amethyst geodes that don’t come in a cave are exposed and this defeats the main purpose of why they are commonly used in feng shui. In other circles, it is also well-known as a healing stone.

Don’t get me wrong.

Amethyst clusters unprotected by caves can be useful in purifying energy. But that is about it.

The metaphysical power of the amethyst geode cave is that it traps positive energy, and doubles up as mountains for protection and support.

The real feng shui amethyst geode

If you are going to buy amethyst for feng shui at home, it is recommended that you get the types that are caved, or what is also called amethyst cathedral crystal quartz.

Otherwise, there are many cheaper alternatives for exposed amethyst geodes that serve the same purpose of purifying.

Only purchase those that have an outer shell (like an egg) with rocky surfaces. With internals containing clusters of amethyst inside. The deeper the cave depth, the better the geode will be able to hold chi to harness energy.

There are 5 factors to choosing feng shui crystals in general.

It should be cold to the touch

It should be able to scratch glass due to its superior hardness

It should split light into various color spectrums when shone with sunlight

It should not have air bubbles as that is an indication of an imitation

It should have impurities like specks and lines contained within as a sign of natural authenticity

The placement of fake crystals at home will induce the same shortcomings as fake plants. It can lead to the attraction of people with hidden agendas into your life.

Selecting an amethyst geode should also factor in the shape of the stone.

The shape is an indication of element as with the rule of the 5 elements.

Long and tall represents wood element

Triangular shapes symbolizes the fire element

Flat ones related to earth

Rounded and spherical shapes are metal element

Irregular shaped geodes have connotations to water element

When the elemental shape of an amethyst geode cave is determined, we can also choose to apply the zodiac attributes to observe what types of amethyst shapes are most suitable for a particular person.

Referring to the shape references above, the below elementally-shaped geodes will be suitable for the following zodiacs.

Wood – Tiger and rabbit

Fire – Snake and horse

Earth – Dragon, goat, dog and ox

Metal – Monkey and rooster

Water – Pig and rat

These guidelines will be particularly useful when you are personally using amethyst geode crystals to enhance your personal wealth luck. Or to boost good fortune for a patriarch or matriarch.

Feng shui placement of amethyst geode cave

As mentioned earlier, there are two main uses of these crystal caves in traditional feng shui.

Activating wealth luck and providing protective support.

Let’s first discuss the latter. Protection and support.

Shaped as rocks and with an undeniable earth element, amethyst geode caves are able to act as supporting mountains for areas at home that require them.

When we talk about “bringing” mountains into the premises whether it is for the purpose of enhancing a favorable sitting mountain star according to flying star feng shui or for other reasons, stone boulders are often suggested.

While amethyst geode caves are not as big as boulders, they can play the same role as mountains.

In particular the covered side of the item. Or some would call it the behind or back side of it.

This side of the geode can serve as a barrier to energetically block or close off home sectors that are undesirably open.

For example, when you are facing the feng shui ailment of the fork when the main door opens with a view through the house to the other side, it is considered a very bad interior layout.

These ailments can potentially cause home owners to face obstacles in their careers. And even if they are generating a good income, they will suffer from problems in keeping it.

In such circumstances, if the homeowner refuses to set up a wall or divider to block the see-through view, then an amethyst geode cave can be place to create an energy wall the remedies this ailment.

Whether it has the same comprehensive effect as a wall depend on various factors that’s difficult to explain here. But the point is that it can serve the same effect in most circumstances.

Another example is when a sofa is positioned in the living room with no back support. This configuration can attract unscrupulous people into your life who does things to bring failure upon you.

When it is impossible to install a backing behind the sofa, then amethyst can play that role in erecting that mountain behind you as support.

This “mountain” in amethyst caves can also serve as shields against sha chi.

If for example, you have a window view with poison arrows and sha chi attacking the house from all directions, then the geode cave can be placed at the window with the crystals facing in to protect the house from these harmful energy sources.

However, it must be said that a very strong source of sha chi might be too intense for a regular sized geode to fend off.

Now let’s talk about the wealth aspect of amethyst geode caves.

As we all know, fast moving energy in open spaces are never good for feng shui.

This is because the very basics of harnessing the environment for good luck is to capture energy brought by the mountains for residents to tap on.

Sometimes, the characteristics of a house can make it difficult to harvest positive energy.

For example, when you locate a wealth location at the corner of the house, this lucky area can be unusable if these is a window. This is because the presence of a window will disperse the energy residing there. Making it impossible to absorb the positives that came with it.

In this case, an amethyst geode cave can be placed in the corner to make the wealth corner usable again. This is because it acts as a mountain for energy to meander. Placing wealth items inside the cave would protect its wealth energy from dissipating due to exposure to open spaces.

Being earth energy based, it would be ideal for placement where the star number 8 resides, whether it is the sitting or facing star.

In more religious circles, it is believed that an amethyst geode cave tied to the bedpost (at the feet area rather than the head) with red string can enhance the loyalty and relationship between husband and wife. It would block any third parties from the relationship.

Other than that, geode caves placement can be in any common areas of the house to create a wealth area.

This is because the shape and form of the cave itself basically makes the item a portable wealth location to move around.

Some of the wealth items you can consider placing inside the cave include money, celestial creatures like the money frog, wealth water, and even other gemstones, etc.

Finally, remember to maintain it to keep it clean. You don’t want dust to settle all over your portable wealth location.

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