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How To Boost Your Intuition With An Amethyst Geode

When you’re tapped into your intuition, life feels easier, doesn’t it? You’ve probably experienced it here and there. It goes like this…

You feel that burst of “knowing.”

You make better decisions because you feel guided.

You don’t feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle as a result.

Then things begin to fall into place more easily.

How great would it be to go through life like that on a regular basis? We discovered that it is possible with an amethyst geode. And the really cool thing is that your results can happen immediately.

Amethysts & Spirituality

Amethysts are one of the most spiritual stones. They raise our vibration and help us connect with our higher consciousness. They calm and stimulate our minds at the same time, which is the prime state for us to attain spiritual guidance and wisdom. Here are 3 simple steps that can help you boost your intuition right away with an amethyst geode:

1) Place an Amethyst Geode Where You Spend Most of Your Time

You will be able to boost your intuitive power simply by being in the presence of a high-quality amethyst geode. This is because amethyst’s energy vibrates at the same frequency as the third eye chakra. The third eye’s primary functions are intuition, imagination, and insight, and the amethyst helps stimulate those aspects of us.

2) Charge Your Amethyst With an Intention

Amethysts are amplifiers, which means they can be programmed to amplify our intentions. By mentally communicating to the amethyst that you want to tune in more deeply to your intuition, it will send out energy that will help you attain that goal.

3) Meditate Next to Your Amethyst Geode

On its own, meditation can improve our intuition because of the ways it enhances the mind. But when you meditate next to an amethyst geode, you’re capitalizing on that enhancement in a much deeper way. You’ll find that the amethyst will calm you down and clear your head of mind chatter so that you can reach higher levels of consciousness. And from that state of mind, you’ll be more in tune with your inner knowing.

4) Carry Tumbled Amethyst Stones in Your Pocket

We can’t stay next to our amethyst geodes all the time, as much as we might want to, and that’s why having some small tumbled stones can be very beneficial. You can carry a tumbled amethyst stone with you everywhere so that you can enjoy its intuition-boosting power wherever you go.

The Intuition Fast Track

Amethyst geodes provide one of the easiest solutions for boosting intuition because even if you only did the first step in our three step process, you’re still likely to notice that you feel more intuitive almost immediately. Stone energy is one of the earth’s most amazing phenomenon. Unfortunately, it’s underused in this century, but for those who use it, its power cannot be denied. Amethyst geodes are not only beautiful additions to any space, but they have the ability to change our lives in ways that are pretty amazing, and boosting our intuition is only one of them.

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