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Find out 7 Ways to Use Amethyst for Home and Body

Amethyst is not just gorgeous to look at, but many people are looking to it for the holistic properties it offers as well!

Now I am by no means an expert when it comes to holistic practices, gemstones, or even life for that matter, but I do like to keep an open mind about the power of nature and how the Earth provides us many things to help us get through life.

I have been working on keeping some natural items in the home such as palo santo wood, white sage, and of course amethyst which are supposed to aid in reducing stress, finding peace, and help with achieving clarity.

These items seem to be some of the easiest to use and are affordable to own, and so I thought I would share some of my experiences with them…with you!

If you are curious about the properties of amethyst, take a peek below at 7 ways to use amethyst in your home for a feeling of overall peace and well-being.

Before we can talk about these 7 ways to use amethyst, let’s talk about where you can find some of your own. I prefer the natural raw cut/geode pieces as you see below. The colors are gorgeous to look at and the facets and texture make them even relaxing to look at and hold.

Many cities have natural living stores that carry these cuts of amethyst, but I was able to even find one on Amazon that is gorgeous and around $8. You can buy the same one here.

Now that you have your amethyst, let’s talk about how to put it to work for you. Here are 7 ways to use amethyst as soon as it arrives:

Promote a peaceful office space. Placing amethyst in your office space can help with feelings of tension. It may help you slow your pace so you can better concentrate on projects and get jobs done right the first time.

Enjoy a better night’ sleep. Many fans of amethyst have told me they place the stone near their bed or pillow to enjoy a better night’s sleep.

It can help clear the mind and some say they have more pleasant dreams as opposed to scary ones when amethyst is nearby.

Use it during meditation. This is one of my favorite ways to use amethyst. If you like to pause for meditation during the day, keep a piece of amethyst nearby for holding.

Amethyst may help you achieve a clearer mind and open up more fully to the meditation process. If you have a yoga or meditation area you frequent, just keep the stone nearby.

Give it to those seeking stress relief. Amethyst is a wonderful stone for gifting. If you have a friend or family member who comes to you often for solutions, amethyst can help encourage peace and healing in their lives.

Use them for inspiration. Since amethyst can help with achieving clarity and promoting inner peace, they are great for finding inspiration.

When you feel stumped, some quiet time with amethyst nearby or in your hand may help trigger your imagination and leave you inspired.

Wear them to combat negativity. Many people are wearing amethyst in jewelry pieces as a way of combating negativity. If it seems as though negativity seems to find you and weigh you down, try adding amethyst into your accessories or simply keep it in a pocket.

I found this gorgeous Tree of Life piece on Amazon, which is a steal at just $12.

Utilize the help of the moon/cold to “charge” your amethyst. The universe has a way of taking care of and refueling itself. Those who work with amethyst often will tell you that placing your stone out in the evening where it can absorb the energy of the moon will keep it working its best.

Some users like to keep theirs in the refrigerator as well believing that it will fuel the stone in the same way.

These 7 ways to use amethyst are great for beginners and those looking for alternative methods to stress relief and overall feelings of positive well-being!

I have enjoyed trying these methods and using the energy of the Earth to fuel myself. Even the beauty of the raw cut stones alone can be quite peaceful and intriguing to look at, which can result in a quick boost of positive energy and peace.

If you want to put these ways to use amethyst to use in your home, you can find a beautifully raw cut piece here and give it a try. Let me know what you think!

To learn more you can also check out the book The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. It is quite informative and available here on Amazon for around $13.

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