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Facts About Eilat Stone: Meanings, Properties, And Benefits

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Eilat Stone is a beautiful stone that has a lovely energy. It has also emotionally-based and deep energy the stone can bring tears to the eyes. But apart from these, this stone has a lot more to offer. In this post, we will show you almost everything that you need to know about Eilat Stone. Here, you’ll see the various Eilat Stone benefits, meanings, and even its properties.

Meanings and Properties of Eilat Stone

The Eilat Stone is actually a mixture of Azurite, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, as well as other minerals. This stone exhibits various colorful designs that are triggered by the oxidation of iron, manganese, and copper.

On the other hand, this stone possesses its own beautiful pattern. In fact, this makes it special and distinct.

Often, Eilat Stone is mistaken as Turquoise gemstones, but you could clearly and easily identify this stone using its polish conditions and colorful and bright designs.

Typically, this stone cuts as a cabochon in order to highlight its signature color pattern. With wonderful shape and finish, an Eilat Stone can display bright colors and at the same time superior luster.

Even so, it is known as the national stone of Israel. Further, it was entitled after the urban of Eilat in which it was formerly mined. Nevertheless, Eilat Stone is called the King Solomon stone as well.

This stone, however, has powerful metaphysical properties which make balancing and calming reaction while encouraging a loving feeling since it works on attuning and adjusting the emotional system.

The vibrations of Eilat Stone will also aid your emotions and mind to function together so that you will be able to make a wonderful development in how you see your life.

Reasons Why You Should Use Eilat Stone

Eilat Stones have loving and powerful energies which resonate with the chakras. Apart from that, it has healing potentials which can be advantageous to you on an emotional, spiritual, physical, and intellectual level.

Eilat Stone also a great stone for emotional and physical healing. As a matter of fact, it is capable of absorbing many different types of pains which may afflict you.

Another reason why you should use this stone is that it will harmonize your heart, mind, and body. It’ll also provide you a sense of completion and wholeness. With Eilat Stone, you will be able to attain peace in your soul and balance your yin & yang energy.

When it comes to enhancing your creativity and imagination this beautiful stone can help you as well. The Eilat Stone will encourage you to look for creative solutions to your life’s problems and challenges.

Nonetheless, with Eilat Stone, you’ll have more self-confidence to tell what you really feel.

Eilat Stone Benefits: What You Need to Know?

For Health and Healing

This stone is highly beneficial for full body healing. Eilat Stone won’t just promote good health, but it will also draw out body pains.

But apart from that, Eilat Stone relieves inflammations and fevers as well as helps in tissue and bone healing. On the other hand, this stone is also beneficial for the sinuses and mouth.

The stone will lessen miasmas and enhance the absorption of nutrients in the body. More importantly, this stone will bring your physical self, spirit, and emotions into harmony making it beneficial to your overall health.

For Wealth

When it comes to enticing abundance and prosperity, Eilat is the perfect stone that you can use. In point of fact, Eilat Stone can carry energies of good fortune and good luck to your financial undertakings.

In addition to that, Eilat Stone will transform your bad experiences into positive ones. As a result, you will be able to recover from your letdowns with ease.

The stone’s energies will also offer you great insights on your goals and actions so that you’ll take careful steps and well-informed decisions and choices. Last but not least, this stone will infuse you with imaginative problem solving which can help you in solving difficult problems that may possibly affect the flow of your income and your finances.

For Relationship and Love

Aforementioned, this stone stimulates loving feelings as well as works on adapting and regulating your emotional system. Eilat Stone will bring calm and peace to your life allowing you to attain emotional balance.

If you want to become intimate and close to your partner. This stone will sway you to lay your guard down. What’s more, Eilat Stone will offer you inner strength so that you will be able to overcome your relationship obstacles and challenges.


Eilat Stone is not just an elegant and beautiful stone. It has also strong energies that kindle a loving and warm feeling. With this stone, you will be able to access deeper wisdom since it’ll fuel your higher mind. All the same, it will calm your mind while promoting harmony.

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