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Azurite Protects The Mind And Heals The Spirit

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

The azurite meaning is related to the gemstone being a stone of heaven. Against this background, this spiritual crystal opens the mind for new perspectives, clears negative thoughts and bestows clarity of mind. In addition, it stimulates the intellect. A stone of meditation and connecting the divine with the worldly, azurite is a great choice if we want to connect to our higher selves and let ourselves be guided. Azurite is a stone of serenity. From this standpoint, it wipes away all worries and stress and helps the wearer to overcome grief as well as sadness. Fears and clenching phobias are dispelled by azurite. The crystal opens the window to a deeper understanding of one’s feelings, thoughts, and fears. This way it becomes easier to dispel the negative emotions and feelings caused by past frustrations and fears. In relation to the third-eye chakra, azurite enhances our intuition. Thus, it sparks creativity, new ideas, and dreams. Azurite crystals shimmering in indigo hues are the ideal choice to balance the energies of the third-eye chakra. Azurite is the exquisite blue copper carbonate mineral associated with the Blue ray of influence. The azurite meaning, the crystal’s uses, and healing properties make it the perfect healing crystal for everyone.

Azurite Facts Azurite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral that is best known for its distinct deep blue to violet-blue color. The blue color is known as “azure” and is named from the deep blue evening skies often seen above deserts and wintery landscapes. Although Azurite is not a common or very abundant mineral, it is extremely beautiful and attracts a great deal of attention when it is discovered. For thousands of years Azurite has been used as an ornamental stone, as gemstones, and as a copper ore. It is still being used today for all of these purposes. Azurite is a secondary mineral that most often forms when waters that are heavy with carbon-dioxide descend into the Earth and then react with the subsurface copper ore. This copper ore is then transferred to a new environment by waters and when the right environmental conditions are found, the mineral azurite is formed. As the conditions exist for long periods of time, azurite is accumulated and then discovered and used for its beauty.

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