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Azurite Meditation

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Practicing meditation with or without crystals is a very beneficial habit to get into. However, many people find that, no matter how good their intentions, they simply cannot seem to reach the state of non-thinking required by many meditation techniques. This is where the use of crystals, candles and other foci can be an invaluable tool. When meditating with Azurite place the stone on a white cloth at a comfortable height for you to gaze at for several minutes.

Adopt the position that is most comfortable for you at the time. Many a would-be meditator has been put off by the “necessity” of sitting cross legged with an upright spine for a considerable length of time. This is not a realistic posture for many people to adopt, and there can be countless reasons why this may not be possible. It is far better for you and your body to find a comfortable position, so that your mind can then wander and focus on things beyond the physical realm. If your knees are screaming to be straightened you are not going to be able to listen to subtle messages regarding your emotional or spiritual state!

Once you have a comfortable position allow your breathing to deepen. Take three long, slow, comfortable breaths deep into your abdomen and allow tensions to float away from the muscles and tendons, ligaments and bones of your body. Gaze at the Azurite stone and allow your eyes to soften and become kind and smiling. If thoughts intrude, visualize them being drawn into the crystal and let them go. As you continue to look at the stone notice its shape and color, examine it closely until you feel a sense of peace and calm wash over you. When you feel ready, simply send your request for answers or guidance out into the ether, either by speaking aloud or by telepathically communicating your needs to whatever or whoever is out there waiting to answer.

The key now is to let go of any preconceptions or ideas about what you think you ought to hear. You have made your request or asked your question so now you must trust the process and know that you will receive an answer. Focus again on the stone. For the next few minutes the Azurite crystal is the only thing that matters in your life, your thoughts and your emotions.

Slowly bring your awareness back into your body. Rub your hands together, stretch out your toes and legs and allow yourself to enjoy the renewed sense of vigor that arises from giving yourself this time to settle your mind and relax your body. To complete the ritual it can be helpful to take the stone in your left hand and feel its shape, as well as any vibrations or changes in temperature. Now cover the stone with your right hand, completing the balance of Yin and Yang. Again, notice any differences in feelings you may get from the crystal. Your answers and guidance, if they have not already made themselves clear to you, are on their way.

Be open to accepting them, whatever form they arrive in.

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