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Welcome to my AravenaSorcery website. My name is High Priestess Aravena. I have over two decades experience in egyptian magic and sorcery, spirit communication, casting spells and rituals, performing readings and divinations, healing illnesses and diseases and other metaphysical workings.

My main Patroness is Isis and I dedicated my life to her. She is the Goddess of magic, wisdom, healing and fertility.

This is a sorceress-for-hire business, where I offer my spiritual items and services to the public. Here you will find various readings and divinations, money spells, love and lust spells, luck spells, healing spells, spirit communication, evocation, advanced rituals with the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

I live and practice my craft in Hungary, Eastern Europe.


When you need spiritual assistance in your life, then hire a mind control spellcaster, I will gladly help you. I wish to help and serve my customers.

When you are ready, send me a message at and we can start the work to fulfill your desire.


Examples of what I can help you achieve with magic and sorcery spells:

obtaining wealth

winning the lottery

gaining a job promotion

opening your third eye

success in astral projection

good luck in gambling

win a court case

revenge to destroy your enemy

get laid

attract your soulmate

find new love

help in learning, studying and obtaining wisdom

increase the power of your mind, body and soul

mind control over someone

gaining overall good health and endurance

heal a physical or mental illness

speaking with a dead soul, angel, demon or other entity

breaking up a couple

quit addictions

banish someone from your life

grow your business and increase sales

curse/hex removal

gaining fame and popularity

achieving lucid dreaming and dream recall for beginners

male potency and increased sexual prowess

better charm and sex appeal

obtaining a spiritual lover (succubus/incubus)

beauty and youthful appearance

cleansing and rejuvenation


How I came into the occult?

I came into the occult with Wicca and the books of Raymond Buckland at the age of 10. 

At the age of 14, my grandmother brought me with her to Egypt and there I met my teacher and studied with her Egyptian magic, sorcery, the Gods and Goddesses, myth and folklore, and other things. There, I worked with ancestral spirits, elementals, djinns, angels, demons and various other spiritual entities.

I came back to my home country, Hungary at the age of 23 and started studying traditional witchcraft, reiki, working with the Catholic Saints and the Archangels.

At the age of 25, the spirits of my ancestors visited me on a full moon night and wanted me to return to Witchcraft and the Pagan Gods and Goddesses. I decided to listen to them and worked much with Freya, Cernunnos, Hecate and Hades for several years.

Over the years, I also studied and worked with transcendental magick, crystal magick, working with nature spirits, astral projection, underworld journeying, shamanism, animal spirits and totems, various healing techniques and other things.


I offered my skills and services to others in the past, but only in person and not using the Internet. Now I decided to open this website to help others in their daily problems and help you to fulfill your desires.


If you are looking for strong metaphysical items, then you should look to my associate, Mystic Eliora.

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